Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Y'know? In a post-script to that last entry about Aftermath/Genesis:

I have to hand it to Netflix for even carrying the DVD and so many other releases of a transgressive nature. This disc, and a lot of the other films discussed on this blog, are on many countries banned or censored list. And even if allowed by law in the USA, many stores won't stock them and certainly outlets like Blockbuster (RIP) wouldn't touch 'em with a ten foot pole.

I don't really get to go to horror conventions anymore, the places where transgressive movies thrive and survive. I live to far away now. While Netflix doesn't have posolutely everything, they are an absolute boon to anyone digging around in the far fringes away from sensible film viewing.

Censorship and banning in general really get my goat. I was preparing a post ranting about the restriction of the upcoming Mortal Kombat from the shores of Australia, but seeing as how the aussie government MAY be enacting ratings rules to fix that soon, I've belayed my tirade awaiting the result. I don't much like how Netflix is working to discourage DVD-mailer rentals and shifting more towards streaming, but as long as they keep such hard-to-find films in their listings, they'll keep my business too.

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