Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan Catastrophe

At the time of this writing, it is one week after the nation of Japan has been hit by a 9.0 earthquake, a 30ft high tsunami, and all hell breaking loose at a major nuclear reactor complex.

I try to keep this blog about light subjects. I try not to let heavy personal stuff, politics (except where it impacts my hobbies or interests), or real downers get in here.

But the crises in Japan are rather close to the heart for myself and a lot of the topics I blather on about. If you have any interest in video games, anime, kaiju eiga, martial arts, or Asian cinema, then you're connected. And if you aren't interested in any of those things you probably have no business being here!

Watching a film like The Submersion of Japan for the first time, my mind was held in suspense waiting to see what was going to happen. Now my heart is breaking to see such similar catastrophe occurring there now for real.

I've thrown a link up to the top of the right hand column that can show you how you can help. But a lot of vendors and organisations are also throwing donations into the effort to help Japan so patronising these places is doing something as well. Japan is the world's third largest economy, a high-tech nation, and anything but a third world country. And yet, the overwhelming nature of this mult-part disaster has swamped the government there and put large numbers of people at risk for basics like food, water, medicine, and heat.

Do what you can. This is something vital. I know the economy is tough, and there is more going on in our country and the world than just this disaster, but doing with just a little less for yourself could mean an awful lot to a people and a culture that has given the world so much.

I apologise for bummin' on ya.

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