Thursday, October 28, 2010

This Guy Wins

From a veritable sea of nerds, one stands tall and out-nerds the nerds who designed the world's most popular online nerd-fest.

If you want to know who should be crowned King Get-A-Life, the adulation and admiration from his fellow attendees points to a ringing endorsement for 'red shirt guy'.

I'm no slouch when it comes to nerdly pursuits, but I am small change, frankly... and know way too much about the real world to compare to this guy. Come up for air, dude. And get out of the house for something besides Warcraft events.


  1. The thing is, one gets the sense that this guy may have been made fun of all his life, to "get one" ... but who is supposed to be teaching him how to do that? What exactly are his options?

    The commentary surrounding the actual vid seems to be that it probably took Red Shirt a fair amound of courage just to stand up and be heard. I think that is probably true.

    You're aware I have some ... experience ... with people not knowing quite what to say. And saying, and doing, wildly weird and inappropriate things. Compared to some, this guy is not even obnoxious, so it's hard for me to feel he needs to "get a life" (of course, I say this as someone who's not coming from the creative side of this actual world, too).

    At least he's not terrifying people semi randomly. And at least he *was* willing to get himself heard.

  2. My sense of humor isn't always fair or just.