Friday, July 2, 2010


In a year with a lot of good games... many of which I probably won't get to PLAY this year owing to my extensive backlong... Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is at the top of the running for my Game of the Year.

My son recently got Lost Planet for a bargain rate at Gamestop. It has all the flash and sheen of a typical shooty Xbox 360/PS3 game. He's really liking it especially since he hasn't been allowed to have all that many violent games... and y'know, he's an eleven year old boy so he likes him some violence.

Anyway. After he'd had a round of THAT, I put in Sin and Punishment for the wii. Now everyone knows the wii isn't going to match the Xbox 360 graphically, but what Treasure has managed in this game is still pretty damn amazing. There's ten times as much shit being chucked around at any given second compared to Lost Planet and it still has a lot of polish and detail, especially the bosses.

It isn't about poking around at your own pace amongst uber-realistic sets, it's about running and flying through stages where with all the incoming attacks you are shooting, dodging and slashing (sometimes all at once seemingly) 'til you're hand cramps up around the wiimote.

My son seeing this said 'enh, it's okay'. So I sent him to bed with no dinner.

Agree with me or starve.


  1. Man, this game sounds so good. Would it be easy to play on a Classic Controller, or should I hold out and get it with a Pro?

  2. I find the pro version of the controller better in ANY situation where I'd use the Classic. I'm just accustomed to the jutting handles on a DualShock so it is better.

    Having said that, if there was one game where the controls are absolutely natural for the wiimote and nunchuk this is it. I haven't even tried any other scheme because my brain can't fathom anything better for this game... and that's coming from a Wii player that uses the friggin' FightStick for most of the games he plays on the Wii.

    I understand S&P2 is very playable on the classic controller (I did play the first one that way), but if you give the wiimote/nunchuk a chance, I'm guessing you won't try anything else.

  3. I'm loving SnP2 big time. I only wish someone would patch the old game to work with pointer controls.