Thursday, July 22, 2010

Redundant Moi

I got my copy of Electronic Gaming Monthly last week and was planning on doing an issue number two comparison between EGM and the Gamefan I'd gotten not too long before. Both mags have legendary status in video game history and have seen recent relaunches. I compared their first issues in a previous entry.

I said I was PLANNING to, but prolific member Sketcz already beat me to it, posting a side-by-side for both issues that details very similar points I was going to make. I would've written almost the exact same article apart from quite a few less pictures and probably a few more f-bombs.

Its some sort of virtual mental plaigarism I tell you!

At any rate. Good stuff. I guess that saves me some effort!


  1. Actually, I think you SHOULD write your own.

    The more unique entries that are written regarding this subject, the wider the message will spread. I'm very flattered that you liked my analysis though.

    Even if you agree, write something and put it up - imagine if everyone who had similar views stopped saying something as soon as they found someone else who held that same opinion. There be no more significant movements in the world. Granted videogame magazines aren't as important as say political free speech - but just imagine if everyone kept quiet because the person they agreed with shouted very loudly. There'd be more impact if a hundred people shouted loudly.

  2. While I agree with this in principle, I think I accomplish much the same thing by saying 'read this guy' in this instance. Since you've done all the work, I can still be a voice added to the crowd, I'm just linking instead of putting my individual two cents in. Admittedly I have my own cultured politically-sensitive way about me, but I'd still have said almost the exact same thing you did.

  3. Sketz, believe him. He has a power - to paraphrase other writers and well spoken people before he even hears or reads what they have to say. The number of Cokes this guy owes me for the Jinx Powers.

    I'm dying here at the self-descriptor of cultured and politically-sensitive, though. Rich as dulce de leche cheescake, kog. And also hilarious! (As a reminder: FWEEPED A SMELLY.)

    *Choking on the laughter*