Tuesday, May 11, 2010


After a real push over the last weekend, and some concetrated effort last night, I finally finished TXRD2 to completion.

And in 'game that must go on forever' fashion, it drew out even the last few rival encounters for maximum drama... or exhaustion.

Yesterday there was the boss of the final area to take down, then the ultimate boss of each 'villain team'. THEN the former champ of old (who is foreshadowed in cutscenes) comes out. He's the final boss.

Then you get the final ending screens. I say 'final' because Genki racers usually have ending screens and credit rolls at each major juncture in their games. But wait.

The TRUE LAST BOSS challenges you at the very first track you started the game in. He has a weird almost science fiction car.

After he is down, some upstart team challenges you at one of the winter tracks. So you have to now defend your crown against a team of new upstarts, sort of simulating what things will be like for your avatar now that you are the new king.

Jiminy Christmas, that's a lot of game!

For all my blather about this game being too big, it was very exciting and emotional getting down to the end. My son was on the edge of his seat for much of it. And there was a lot of high-fiving when it was over. I can't say I'm actually SORRY it's over-- but it will be strange not putting any more time in on this. Okay, maybe I'm a little sorry it's over.

And the game was really good.

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