Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grim Shit

So I have a number of different genres represented in my NetFlix queue, but the company seems to think I hew to nothing but the ultraviolent in those genres. In short order they've sent me:

Burn After Reading
Red Cliff
Violent Cop
Mother of Tears
The Stendahl Syndrome
Wolf Creek
and Them (the French horror film, not the American big ant movie from the 50s)

I mean, I know I like edgy stuff, but gee whiz...

There has been a few films here and there that were not as violent as the list above. But I find it interesting that the quickest availability overall was on some of the most obscure and most violent films in their catalog. the list above includes a John Woo import film, a couple of Argento movies, a couple of Takeshi Kitano gangster movies, two examples of the 'New French Extreme' cinema, and one of the bleakest 'torture porn' films made.

I'm a case study for violent films NOT leading to violent behavior.

I wonder if I'll turn violent when the dramas and family films finally start showing up.

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