Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wowie Jeez.

It has been almost FIVE MONTHS since I last posted here? Sorry!

A bit back I noted my posting was too infrequent and would try to do better, but then I got hit with the holidays and leaving my job. I have taken a really long time to recover my impetus to write.

I also mentioned previously that I had a reviewing gig, but I resigned... some time before this 'disappearance' actually.

I don't generally like to bring much about my personal life into this blog... I never conceived it as an avenue for me to vent apart from hobby, pop culture, and entertainment matters. So suffice it to say, that while all is not perfect in the Knight of Gold's real world, I feel like this thing has been neglected too long. And I didn't even know how long until I just logged in and saw the date on that last post!

I have still been playing games, watching movies, reading books yadda yadda. So I'll try to catch up and get back to be the web's only real paragon of good taste.

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