Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tastefully Distasteful

I have to admit that despite the incredibly unpleasant subject matter in the film The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, director Asia Argentor (yes, THAT Asia Argento) actually handled the most lurid aspects of the story with some decorum. That doesn't really lessen the punch (or shock value) but it did bump the film up into the watchable category for me... though this is really the sort of movie you watch to make you feel good about your own life and feel blessed if you had decent parents.

Two other reasons to watch: See what those wacky Disney Channel twins the Sprouse brothers got up to before becoming family friendly. When other kids try to break away from their Disney image AFTER they get older... doing something edgy or adult, the Sprouse twins manage to do it big-time while they're little before they even go to work for the Mouse. Also if you are unfamiliar with the JT Leroy controversy, this films extras give a lot of insight into why it was a big deal to some people. The real JT, Laura Albert, went to A LOT of trouble to put up a smokescreen. I guess she's actually the 'Speedie' hanger-on that you see for five seconds.

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