Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lipschitz and Lipschitz, Name Change Specialists

So I've gotten back into playing Kaido Battle: Touge no Densetsu for the PS2, known in the USA as Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2. A Genki racing game that I started last year, but then wound up putting off when I got an Xbox 360. I am again making good progress (huge game) despite trouble getting back into handling drift events. I can't believe I was good at these several months ago.

Anyway, the point of the post. Genki racers all have rivals, named opponents for you to race. The game also gives YOU a street name, that changes as you progress. Sometimes your street name is cool, sometimes its lame, and sometimes it doesn't make sense.... a combination of the parser Genki uses and how the Japanese translates to English. So I frequently get stuff like 'Meteor of Destruction' or 'Money Maniac'. Yesterday the game bestowed a street name on me that is somewhat disturbing and I hope really inappropriate to me:

Essence of Boy

Now I realize this is just an unfortunate pairing in the parser of 'Essence of' (which goes best with stuff like 'speed' or 'power') and 'Boy' (which could be a suffix for just about anything; 'racing', 'drifting', Nissan, etc). But those two together?

I have to hurry up and gain another milestone that'll flip that name over. Not something I'm particularly comfortable with my kids seeing up on screen either, even if I don't actually have to explain it. Makes Cho Aniki's Holy Protein obsession seem almost tame.

Yes, yes. I'm sure there are plenty of funny and derogatory comments to be made. Let fly, everyone! I may have to forego publishing the comments on this post if it gets too nasty!

Note: The post title is an SCTV reference, kids.


  1. Of course, you realize, my having this information - and potential nickname for you - is going to be your downfall.


  2. Okay, so your kids see the name "Essence of Boy", it doesn't actually mean anything, though, y'know?

    Like, it sounds kinda gay, but is that so bad? I dunno, I just think you're getting worked up over nothing, my friend. What are the negatives if they see it and even recognize it? When they're older they'll laugh, and now (I dunno how old they are but I assume from your post) they won't even give it a though :)

    - Smithee

  3. Dude, it sounds UBER-gay! Even body-fluids GAY! But my point in the post is more the I'm surprised and amused by the weird Engrish-y event than I am about the kids seeing it. That's only a minor comedic aside. Though my son will think it bizarre the moment he notices it.