Monday, March 22, 2010

The Grail

There are rarer video games. There are more expensive video games. But THIS one is THE one I've wanted most for a long, LONG time. And it has always been more than I could financially justify despite my raving lust for Technosoft shooters. But I landed a good price for one sans a spine card... and had my fingers crossed it was in good shape.

As it turns out, it looks mint.

Now like Wayne Campbell's Fender, it rests at last in my hot little clutches. I don't know if this was actually Technosoft's last game (released 1996 five years before they folded), but it is certainly amongst the last. And a game for that pinnacle of 2d shooting goodness the Sega Saturn, no less.

Can't wait to fire this sumbitch up!


  1. Okay. Looking at the actual open packaging, it would appear the Saturn game Blast Wind (unfortunate name) was released a year after Hyper Duel. I'll knock out some impressions of both soon.

  2. I love the game, and I hope you like it too. It is also hard as hell, so I hope you have time to practice :D

  3. It is pretty hard. Mostly I'm finding trouble using the freeze shot control for the Armor form of your dude. It is almost so weird that I'm finding myself just doing better sticking to ship form. But I will persevere.