Friday, June 25, 2010

Food For Violent Thoughts

This article in large part reflects my own feelings.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm about as far from an advocate of actual censorship as you can get. Given the nature of the sorts of films, books and music I subject myself to, pushing envelopes is pretty much standard operating procedure.

Still. I don't ENJOY every bit of this transgressive media I consume. Much of it isn't designed as a positive, uplifting experience. It pushes emotional boundaries.

I maintain an awareness, as the article attempts to define it. Personally my fears I have about my children and media violence is distilled down to the idea that I don't want them to join that burgeoning demographic that doesn't seem aware of any lines.

I want my kids to realise that fucked up is fucked up... whether presented humorously or not. And the video game community seems to continually buy, buy, buy the fucked up stuff. So that's what the companies produce-- or out of all their offerings at least, that's what they promote.

Read the comments, if you have the patience, for a pretty good example of different takes on the topic and how to keep an online discussion civil.

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